Luxury Real Estate

  • 500 acre land bank for residential, commercial, recreational, and industrial land use in Ghana
  • Extensive local experience in land acquisition and administration.
  • Dedicated legal team with over 50 years of collective specialized experience.

Who we are


We offer turnkey solutions where every detail – from design (both architectural and interior), planning applications, to the construction and interior fitting and finishing of the property – is taken care of by us.

Affordable Housing

Current Investments

Welcome to Casilda

​With Casilda, clients need not engage architects, project managers and builders, and then manage the gap between the three.

Casilda Limited is a medium-sized Ghanaian Real Estate Developer established in 2003. Our business is acquiring land, obtaining planning consents and building the highest quality homes in places people aspire to live. This is supported by our expertise in land, design, construction, sales and marketing.

What we do

Competitive tendering is adopted in all cases, and a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) approach is adopted in managing all projects from inception to completion.

How we work


  • Architectural Design 
  • Construction
  • Interior Design
  • Planning Applications
  • Interior Fitting and Finishing